Saturday, 3 December 2016

Mollie makes advent

A few weeks ago I was asked to design 12 new micro crochet characters for Mollie makes to use for a digital advent calendar.

I was given a list of what they wanted and the brief that they should be small enough to fit in a standard matchbox.

Time to get out my micro crochet work box.

For my micro crochet I use gutterman top stitch sewing thread. It thick enough to handle without it getting too fiddly.

It had been that long since I'd done any micro crochet that the first piece took a long time to create. you really need to get your eye in with it. After the first piece I was back to my old speed and managed to get the rest completed in time for the deadline.

Micro crochet is more difficult that using standard yarn but the results are so adorable I think its worth the extra effort.

The patterns all work with DK yarn and a 3.5mm hook and will produce a larger size ornament.

Mollie make released the taster for the calendar on Wednesday.

Each pattern is available from Mollie makes online for 24 hours only. There are 12 designs in total. If you miss any of the patterns they will be available in my pattern shop on the 13th of December (after the advent calendar finished) individually or as a set.

day one
Christmas tree
 This is made with my special overworking technique to give it the lovely texture. Finished with seed beads and a red pot.
 Day 2 pear

This one was the first one I made and as I said before it too a long time. I think because of this, its more precious to me. I love getting a shape perfect and this it just spot on. You add a gold leaf if you wanted it to be more festive or a bit of blusher dusted on one side would give it a nice rosy look.

  Day 3 gingerbread man

I didn't know how this one was going to work out. I struggled to visualize it. That happens sometimes and when my head is working on 12 new patterns all at once, something gotta give. Should I make it flat like a cut out cookie or round in the amigurumi style?? In the end I didn't think, I just made it and it worked. I think the icing makes it. Its pretty easy to do aswell. you just run the white thread around the grooves in-between the rows of stitches. I was going to add more colours and gum drop buttons but in the end the simple look worked better.
I like this little guy.

Its a surprise for me too, this advent calendar, as I've no idea what design is coming up next. There are some good ones though so stay tuned.

 Remember -

Its all happening on Mollie makes facebook page and online

 Each pattern is available free for 24 hours only. Each new pattern is released on facebook at about 11.15am each day.

After the advent calendar is over - Tuesday 13th December the patterns will be on sale in my pattern shop 

many thanks to Mollie makes for the use of the photos 

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