Friday, 12 February 2016

Micro crochet spider live tweet feed

Last weeks pattern of the week was Parker the spider.
Pattern can be found here
I picked this pattern as I wanted to remake it for the live tweet feed and take some more up to date photos. I was a bit restless and couldn't wait till Sunday so this happened...

I made my rainbow of spiders. I did however leave me with nothing to make for the live tweet. I decided it might be quite cute to make a tiny spider and share how I create micro crochet.

Below is the tweet feed from Last Sunday. Join me again this sunday at 10am were I'll be making a seahorse. Follow @lizwardcrochet on twitter or ~amigurumibarmylive

If you are not on twitter you can catch up with the feed here on the blog next week. You can also email me any questions and I'll answer them during the live tweet xxx

my email is

 all questions about amigurumi and or crochet are welcome


Live tweet feed Parker the spider micro crochet 



Shortly after this last shot was taken I tried taking more photos of the complete spider. Cassi stole it, had a mad half hour playing with it the lost it. Combing cats and crochet has its complications.

See you next Sunday
Happy crocheting

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