Saturday, 30 May 2015

Craftseller ballerina

This months Craftseller magazine is a bit of a bumper one for my patterns. I got a lovely surprise when my copy arrived as my pretty ballerina had made it onto the cover.

This commission was for a mixed media amigurumi ballerina. The idea behind it is that she has just finished her performance and has lots of flowers thrown on her stage.
 It was really enjoyable to work with different textures of the satin ribbons and net skirt. Its always interesting to do something a bit different and I think they look really nice with the crochet doll. It gives a lighter look that just couldn't be achieved with a crochet skirt.

 Also in this months magazine is the pattern that I did for this crochet shrug/ cover up. I really am enjoying writing more crochet clothing patterns and inventing new stitches and this commission was right up my street as its the sort of thing I would wear.

Also this is a repeating pattern so once you get the hang of it you can crack on without having to refer to the written pattern all the time so it makes a great relaxing project for an evening in.
 My favorite part of this is the bobble trim around the edge and it really is easy to do. I think if you get your hands on this pattern you'll be waning to use this edging pattern on more than just this top. I think I'll have to come up with some more designs that use it, I defiantly need more bobble trim in my life :)

With this magazine you get a free second magazine of stash bushing designs. I was asked to do two projects for this and so in the spirit of the magazine I used yarn from my stash to create this neon dipped coin purse.
 It didn't really use a lot of yarn up but its really sweet and I can't wait till it comes home and I can keep my pennies in it.

I've lined it with my favorite fabric. I bought it ages ago from a little shop in York called grace and jacob which has since closed. I've used it a lot in the past for Omnipom ears but I'm running out so I'm going to have to try and hunt down some more.

edit - I've found a link to the fabric you can get it from here its called roman glass and this colour is pastel Link to site

Also in this little extra magazine is a my pattern for this traditional but funky granny triangle bunting.

More pom poms :)

Well thats it for today. I'll do another post soon as I want to tell you all about my new garden which has become my crochet haven. Also I got to make dinosaurs and the are really really cute. Happy happy :)

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