Thursday, 26 February 2015


I'd like you to meet my new friend. This is Miranda and she's my new dress form.

I've always wanted a dress form. I've seen a far few I've liked but they have always been out of my price range. Then one day, not so long ago, I was shopping with my mum and we went into a random gift shop. You know the type of place that sells candles and photo frames and other dust collectors. We were just having a look around when half way down the shop we spotted Miranda. She was half price because she has a cracked leg but to me she was perfect.

It was serendipitous as that day I'd had a commission for a crochet top so she was put to work straight away, and since I've had more clothing commissions come in so shes defiantly earning her keep.

I'll share all the clothes I've been making when magazines come out.

In the pic above shes wearing my three row scarf. Its such a simple pattern (UK abbreviation)

use chunky yarn and a 6-8mm hook. chain a length as long as you want the scarf to be.

one the first row  treble stitch in each ch st.

row 2 and 3 - 2treble in each st.

that's it, fasten off, weave in your ends and you have a scarf in an hour or so.

My head is full of interesting patterns to design, make and adorn Miranda in and I'll be adding some new patterns to my etsy shop soon.

This one is a really old make but I wear it so often its almost my signature look :)

Its actually an incomplete jumper design. This is the cowl that's meant to go round a long ribbed jumper but I never got chance to finish it so I just started wearing the cowl.

So many people have commented on it and asked for the pattern I thought it was time I wrote it up. It'll be posting it up soon.

the other new pattern is for this asymmetrical cowl necked poncho. This is another of those ideas I've had rattling around in my head waiting for a chance to give it a go. Yesterday some new yarn had come in to the shop, I loved the colour and knew it was perfect for this design. I had to buy it and start it straight away.

Its a really simple design and it actually doesn't take long to make. I hooked up this in a few hours this morning. The pattern will be in my etsy shop by the weekend.

Thats all from me today. Happy crocheting xxx

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