Sunday, 30 November 2014

Advent calender launch

Happy Christmas from me.

Its here this is the lauch of my free crochet pattern advent calender.

So what is it?

Well I've come up with 24 brand new pattern designs. There is amigurumis, tree decorations, winter warmers and gifts and every day till Christmas I'll be posting up a new pattern here on the blog.

I've written up the pattern in the style I use for magazines, so they are all written with UK abbreviations. For those of you more happy with US abbreviations its pretty easy to understand the conversion, you just need to remember that in the UK we don't have a single crochet stitch so your single crochet is our double crochet so its like this:

UK dc = double crochet which is the same as US sc = single crochet
UK tr = treble crochet which is the same as US dc = double crochet
UK dtr = double treble crochet which is the same as US tr = treble crochet

its really simple so hopefully that won't put anyone off joining in.

Right so why am I doing this advent calender?

The first reason is just a say a big thank you to everyone out there who reads this blog and like my designs. Its because of you guys that my work is becoming so popular and I can keep doing this wonderful job.

The other reason is I really want to enjoy Christmas again. As many of you know my lovely partner Andy died a few years ago, I've been on my own since and I haven't really done much at Christmas.

This year I decided that needed to change. Christmas is a happy time and I need to start letting myself be happy again. I have worked hard and I now have a job I love doing, I have great friends and family, lovely fans and of course my two stunning and silly cats. I lots to be thankful for and celebrate. Next year is going to be very exciting too as I start work on my first book of my own designs, so its time to start looking forward.

After taking the photos for the advent calender I trimmed my Christmas tree last night. Its not elegant but its full of love. I have baubles I've collected over years, ones me and Andy bought together, things I've made myself and even a very old glass bauble in the shape of my first cat Jinx. Now it is also decked with some of the items I've made for the advent calender. Its a memory tree, it makes me smile and it makes me a bit sad and that's just as it should be.

The cats of course are loving having the tree up as they think its just for them to play with.

(can I just point out the perfect placement of the jingle bells in front of Cals face!! Makes me giggle every time I look at it)

So I ask you to join in with this advent calender. Share it around. Make things and post photos to my facebook page or email me at and I'll share your pics for you. Comment to share some love and festive cheer. Lets make Christmas 2014 one of the best Christmases ever and lets all try and be just a little bit happier .

all my love Liz xxx 


  1. I look forward to your advent calendar. Your Christmas tree is lovely and I'm sure it holds a special place in your heart with so many ornaments having wonderful memories. I wish you a very happy holiday season :)

  2. look forward to seeing the calander :) good luck with the book!

  3. Christmas is often an emotional time for many people, I think your advent calender is a great idea and I'm sure lots of people will be making some of your projects too.

  4. I think your tree is beautiful and it's wonderful that it is full of memorable things. Looking forward to your advent calendar :)

  5. What a totally wonderful idea!!! Your tree looks lovely and so full of love! I really wish i could understand crochet patterns, they may as well be Japanese for the amount I understand them! New Years resolution is to try to understand them I think and I will refer back to your lovely patterns. Will let you know how it goes! xx