Monday, 13 January 2014

New cover

A new year and a new cover :)
back in October I was sat in the pub with a friend sketching these cats for craftseller. They had asked for trendy cats in hats and scarfs. Not being the most trendy of people I had gone to one of the newest bars in York to have a look at what the cool people wear.
 I think everyone I saw had a neck cowl and or headband. boots and jeans and mustard yellow seemed to be a popular colour.

It was easy to come up with inspiration for these three. Sketching is the easy part, next I have to figure out a pattern that will work for all three and bit simple. Most of my patterns have some basis on something I've done before, that I then adapt to fit the new idea. for these I started with a completely fresh body shape so I had to write a totally new basic body pattern.

I was really pleased with these cats when they were finished and thrilled to see they had made the cover of the magazine.

I got loads of projects finished and of to more magazines this week. Unfortunately I can't show you anything till they are published but I think they are worth the wait :)

In between magazine projects I've been going all traditional. I been making granny square blankets. I've fallen back in love with granny squares and I'll be using them in some up coming projects but for now let me show you some picks of my blankets

 This is the one I made for Richard its the first granny square blanket I've made that's got bit enough to be called a blanket. I enjoyed making it and loved the finished result. i was tempted to keep it but instead i decided to make another. I sorted the yarn I was going to use for the new blanket and it just seemed t fall into this gradating colour tones. Its not finished, its gonna go to ranges, yellow and finally finish with cream. Its gonna be huge when its finished but I love it.
 So do the kittens. I can't believe how fast they are growing. They are all on solid food and showing off their mad personality's. I have homes for all of them and it'll only be a few weeks before they leave. I'm gonna get as many cuddles as I can before then though.
Its handmade monday time again so time to catch up on my fellow craft bloggers


  1. Those knitted cats are awesome, especially the little dude in glasses and braces. There's a guy I see near work (London's east end) who is almost the spitting image! You are very talented to come up with those!

  2. Congratulations on another magazine cover, can't wait to see your other projects as they appear. I love your granny squares, they look really colourful and I'm sure they're great to snuggle under

  3. Very nice blankets and the cat seems to see it also like this XD