Sunday, 17 November 2013

magazine work update

Well its been a while since I wrote a post so there is lots to ctach you up on.

First up my family of hedgehogs made a visit to Simply crochet magazine

This was last months issue so its not in the shops anymore but you can still get the pattern from my etsy shop or you should be able to pick up a back copy of the magazine if you contact them via their website.

 This pattern has been really popular and I've seen lots of my hedgehogs popping up all over the Internet. Lucy over at Attic24 wrote a lovely blog post about hers. she adding it to an Autumn themed wreath which I can't wait to see.

 Lucy also inspired me to write a photo tutorial as the photos in the magazine didn't really show anything help with the construction of these guys. Hopefully this will help if anyone get stuck with the new spine stitch.

 This is the finished little hedgehog I made for the tutorial. She's such a little cutie. Before my mum can steal her I'm going to run a giveaway over on my facebook page to find her a new home. To enter just head over to my facebook page and post a comment on the photo of this little hedgehog :)

She is sitting on my latest project which is another version of the shawl pattern I did for craftseller magazine

This one is in Autumn colours and will be decorated with falling leaves.

The Craftseller pattern has flower and sparkle.

 Craftseller wanted a sparkly shawl that would make a good Christmas present. As you all know amigurumi is my crochet home but I love all forms of crochet so it was great fun to get to do something a bit different.

 This pattern is ridiculously simple to make if you know the basic crochet stitches.Its also really quick to make so if you are looking for a quick make for a last minuet present it works really well.

Along with the shawl pattern you also get flower corsage pattern that can be used as a shawl pin or just use it on its own as a corsage.

That caught me up a bit although Ive lots of new patterns that I'll be adding to my etsy shop soon so stay tuned :)


  1. Lovely shawl & the hedgehog is just so cute! Simmi

  2. I really like the shawl. The flower is a lovely addition. As for the hedgehog......well gorgeous :)

  3. What a cute little hedgehog. The shawl is gorgeous and I like the finishing touch of the corsage.

  4. I read Lucy's post about your hedgehog and now realised there is another magazine I would like to buy! The shawl looks quite different in the purply variegated colours so it looks a good pattern to try.

  5. Love the little crochet hedgehog. Very cute.

  6. Love your little hedgehog its so so cute!! I did see them in the crochet mag and I happened to read attic24s blog this morning too... Godd to see your adorable little creatures are working their way around the country x

  7. I really like the hedgehog, and I've seen them on Attic24's blog, too. If I give one a go, I'll certainly read your notes on the shaping. A great idea!

  8. aww your little hedgehog is adorable! it must be really lovely to see so many people enjoying your pattern out there :)

    Love the shawl too - its nice to do something a bit different once in a while isn't it x

  9. WOW your designs are amazing!! I loved the hedgehogs in last months SC magazine and they are on my 'to do' list!! I didn't realise you also designed thecute owls and the Geisha girls too.... I'm definately heading over to your etsy shop :)

  10. I love hogs, they are such cute little animals. I'll be seeking out your fb page.
    The shawl is beautiful, lovely detail.

    Jan x

  11. An adorable hedgehog, and a beautiful shawl too.

  12. Love the hedgehog and the shawl! You are soo clever!

  13. alles so wunderschön

  14. Hello Liz, and thanks so much for your kind message at my place! I love this little baby hedgehog and am now really enjoying his company as he sits on my desk gazing up at me with his soulful eyes! You do a wonderful job with all your amigurumis, as well as other projects - congratulations and best wishes! Joy x