Thursday, 15 August 2013

Crochet dolls

Yesterday I posted off a set of dolls for a magazine project. I was very sad to see them go as one of them is, I think, the cutest doll I've made yet. So cute that I kept picking him out of my work bag just to look at and hold. It'll be a couple of months till you get to see him in print but when you do I hope you agree with me.

Anyhoo. With that in mind I have been inspired start a major project and write lots of patterns for diffrent dolls.

I have a good base pattern that I created for the trick or treat dolls.

With adaptation this should work for a range of cute dolls. I'm going to experiment with different ways of doing hair and clothing too and if works out I'll put some tutorials up on the blog so you can follow my progress.

I'm gonna try and keep the blog updated more often as I work on this project so you'll all be able to join in the fun.

I have also started a pinterst board for inspiration. Anyone who wants to add to board, message me your email and I'll send you an invite :)

So what should I make first Girl or boy?

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  1. Your dolls look so amazing. I crocheted a doll lately but i cannot finish the hair. It's so difficult. Hope you can show me and others who want to make a beautiful doll like urs how to do add hair.