Monday, 7 January 2013


I try and keep this blog a sunny place full of wonderful fun creatures, cats and crafts but unfortunately I have had some bad news which means I may not be able to continue running this blog or my work as a crochet designer.

Many of you will know that I lost the love of my life when he died of kidney problems just over a year ago. It was a desperately sad time. I've aways told myself to be thankful for the wonderful time we had together and keep the memory's close. I work alone now, to build the future we both planned and try and keep as upbeat as possible.

It has been a struggle. I work 30 hours a week in my "day job" and receive the minimum wage. The rest of the time I work here. I get up early to work on my designs before I go to "work" and I continue when I get back home. On days off I work here all day.  When I am not designing I make use of the wonders of social media to share pictures and stories of my amigurumi and so that all the other amigurumi lovers out there can find my blog and see my designs.

For the past year I have worked constantlly. I knew that if I didn't work a day, then day when this all started paying off would be another day further away. It has been wonderful watching my small blog grow. I now contribute to craft magazines and some of my designs will be in a book this year. I knew I wouldn't make much money for the first few years but I work for the love of the craft and for the future me and Andy planned.

I had planned to work even harder this year. There are so many pattern ideas in my head my plan for January was to get as many of these made as passable.

 However I received some news last night that means plans have to change. My in laws who own mine and Andy's flat, where I live have decided to sell the flat. To me it is heart breaking to think I will have to leave our home. I never feel alone here as I can remember Andy sitting next to me and us dreaming our big dreams. It will be so difficult to leave this place but times change and I've always known I couldn't stay here forever.

I know times are hard financially for everyone at the moment. The rent I pay doesn't cover the full mortgage my in laws have and they can no longer afford to keep paying the rest. I feel really sorry for them it must have been really tough to come to this decision.

So I have to move and I have 2 months to find somewhere new to live. There are a couple of stumbling blocks. I am on my own, I have two cats, no money and I run a business from home. I can afford a small studio flat or I'll have to share. I won't be able to take my cats or run a business if I move into privet letting. I think I'd rather lose my arm than my cats, they may be mad things who've driven me to the point of insanity more than once but they are what keeps me laughing when times are hard. I also really don't want to give up an amigurumi barmy.

So I'm asking for help

If anyone knows anything about housing and what my rights are or can help in any way with the legal side of things please get in touch.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog you'll see there is a donate button. I know times are hard but if you can spare a few penny's to help keep us all together and to keep amigurumi barmy running that would be wonderful.

I will be having a good sort out of all my crafting stuff and selling off what I can so if your a yarnaholic like me stay tuned :)

Be understanding, I won't have the time to create patterns and everything will take me longer while I'm sorting through this other stuff. I'll still be here though as and when I can.

Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Liz I am so so sorry to hear that!!

    I don't know much about legal gubbings so I can be of little help there. However I know what you mean when you say you would rather lose a body part rather than your cats. We have to rent privately and the money it costs is outrageous. Even more so since we moved in October. However if you do have to rent privately you will find some landlords who will accept animals. You just need to be upfront and honest. Due to your situation would you be able to contact you local housing authority or council to see if they could help? Also try contacting you local Citizens Advice Bureau. They gave me some good advice when I was kicked out of home and didn't know what I was entitled to etc.

    Would you like me to share your post so we can try and get some support going?

  2. Hi Kat thanks for your comments I'm waiting for my in laws to return a copy of my tenacy agreement before I can get help from the council but hopefully something can be done. If you would share this post that would be great :)

  3. Hello. I've just followed Kat's link from facebook to find this blog post. I'm so sorry that you're going through such a difficult time at the moment.

    Two things to encourage you though - I was renting until a few months ago and ran my business from there, I just spoke to the letting agent about it. And my sister in law has two cats in her rented house. It will narrow your search, but it might be possible to find somewhere so don't despair just yet. Definitely fight to keep what you love.

    I hope you find somewhere suitable.

  4. Liz you're not totally out of the private renting with cats, after all we have 3 and private rent. You just need to find a good agent, I'd recommend Hunters in York, let them know you want a pet friendly property and get them to do some of the hunting for you. Even places that list no pets, will sometimes bend the rules, although it can mean an additional charge on the deposit. Sorry to hear the bad news and we'll all keep our fingers crossed for you.

  5. Thanks for your comments. I am hopeful I'll be able to keep the cats I'll do anything I can to try. It will cost more and thats the one thing I don't have. My savings whent on supporting us when Andy couldn't work. I cant borrow any. My mum is wonderfully supportive but she can't help that way. I will have to sell everything that I don't need and I will either have to get another job or an additional one which means I will have even less time to give to the buisness just as its the most important time to keep the momentium up. I've been through worse than this and I'm still able to stay possitive :)

  6. Well if I can recommend an area where you'll get the most for your money head over to join us in Acomb! Plus there are more cats round here than people! lol.

  7. Do you have any friends who could help you run your blog etc if you did need to get another job or work more hours? I know from experience that working with others can be hard but when needs must and all that...? Where abouts are you based hun? And what do you currently do in your 9-5?

  8. I do have crafter friends and I know they will all help out. The blog will have to change direction slightly as I just won't have the time to put into pattern writing that I'm doing at the moment. I work at a craft shop in York, it doesn't pay much but its a stable job and retail can be very unstable at the mo. I don't have any qualifications so I don't know where to even start thinking about changing my career but I guess thats something I'll have to look at too. Its all big and scary at the mo but I'll think of something. I've worked too hard for too long to give up now. Thank you for your support it really does mean a lot. I'll give the kittys an extra squeeze for you xxx

  9. Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry that you find yourself in this position. I love your patterns, I hadn't bought any until today but I have just bought two. It would be a shame if you weren't able to continue. It sounds like you've been through an awful, to say the least, few years and I hope that you can find somewhere for you and your cats, and life starts to get easier soon. Lots of love. Kate.

  10. Thanks Kate I hopy enjoy your patterns bubblebun is one of my favs :)

  11. I'm pretty sure you're entitled to benefits if you're on a minimum wage - you really need to go to citizens advice. It's likely you'll get some housing benefit and possibly also help with council tax. Renting privately or through the council with pets are both perfectly feasible, it doesn't rule you out at all. I also don't think there's an issue with you designing from home.

    I'm afraid I can't chip in to help you financially as I'm struggling myself, but my father in law bought me a copy of your fat friends amis for Christmas so I'm glad he helped put some money in your pocket, even if I can't.

  12. You may be entitled to housing benefit, which might mean you could pay more rent to your in-laws. But either way, your local council do have a duty to house a single woman, and most councils will allow a certain number of pets.

    The suggestion someone made of contacting your CAB is a good one, also many lawyers will give a general consultation for a flat fee of about £5 or £10 just to give advice of where you stand.

    I really hope you will find the right solution to you, and will be keeping you in my prayers