Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fins and flippers

The last weekend of the year, its wet and gloomy outside so I'm having a pattern writing frenzy. I'm working on a set of patterns with a underwater theme.

Fist up is Walter the whale.
 I've had a lot of interest in my use of felt and embroidery with so I've deiced to include more in my patterns. This does make the patterns a bit more complicated and difficult to write but I think the end result is lovely and unique in amigurumi.
Walter has embroidered eyes and a felted belly. Your gonna need to invest in a felting needle to make these as that's the best way to attach the felt to the amigurumis.

Next up is Stanley the seahorse. There is a lot of work in this one but its fun to make and I've come up with some pretty nifty new stitch ideas with give the fins a lovely finish. For a bit of extra sparkle Stanley has sequins and beads down his spine. The tail has a pipe cleaner inside so its positionable and really helps the charter of this little guy come to life.

Ollie the octopus is a bit of a labour of love. Eight legs is just being greedy. I've put pipe cleaners in all of those legs so they can be twisted and curled into any shape you want. I mist admit I ran out of yarn while making him and so I changed the design but now I'm really please I did. I just love his spotty head. This is one of the biggest amigurumi I have designed. I'm gonna be trying this design out with more colours or stripes so this one is a bit of a work in progress but I'm happy with how the pattern has worked.

 Last but by no mean least is this little goldfish. He doesn't have a name yet as I've only just finished him and I'll be letting my facebook followers decide his name later. I got to play with the new stitches I worked out for the seahorse again and he ended up just the cutest thing ever. I'll be adding a tutorial for these new stitches as soon as these patterns go live in my etsy shop. These patterns will all be available in early 2013 as individual patterns or as a group lot but I've a few more critters to add to the family before then.


  1. Adore the seahorse and whale! So cute!!

  2. Wow these look great! I think the whale is brilliant :) XX