Thursday, 29 November 2012

Headbands for cold ears

It might sound like a strange thing but after a long hard day of crocheting there is nothing I like better and a relaxing evening of crocheting.

By this I mean amigurumi is what I love, its my day job but there is a lot of thinking that goes along with it and creating the patterns and sometimes I like to do a bit of crochet That I don't have to think about so on an evening I can usually be found making hats and scarfs and headbands.

I was quite shocked just how many I made when I gattered them together for my last craft fair and so I thought it was about time I got some listed in my etsy shop

All these headbands are made to fit my sort of size head but they were tried on by everyone from todlers to gannys at the craft fair and they fit pretty much everyone. I raided my stach of vintage buttons again to decorate the flowers and they are all made from cosy chunky yarns to keep your ears warm at this chilly time of year.

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