Monday, 20 August 2012

Ghostly maths

I'd nearly downed tools last night after finishing the panda and lion and making a start on a rhino. I was looking forward to a glass of wine and watching a bit of telly after a days hard work ;) but I hadn't done any work on my Halloween patterns and so deiced to keep at it for another hour or so making a few small body parts and what not, giving more time to do the really creative bits today.

 Then something wonderful happened. I was making a witch's hat and it started to go crooked. I hadn't meant this to happen but it looked good so I stuck with it. kept going and ended up with a little hat any wicked witch would be proud to wear.

Now the maths geek in my head is waving, shouting at me and doing everything it can to get my attention, its practically wetting itself with excitement and when my tired brain catches up with what its trying to tell me I get really excited too. Inadvertently I've done something I've been trying to work out a way to do in amigurumi for ages. A pencil and paper and some much too complicated maths to do late at night after half a glass of wine but I figure it out, refine it and then simplify it to a workable pattern to make this...

There is probably some really good proper name for that but to me it a unicorn horn. Also its not crocheted and that's because when I tried the pattern and it worked really well, I couldn't help myself and turned it into this

I loves him so much.
 He is worked from the bottom up. There is no pipe cleaner in there. His twisty body forms that way as you crochet him and it all one piece apart from the arms. I have so many ideas for how to use this technique I can barely contain myself  but first I've a witch who needs dressing and a headless devil to sort out :)

ghosty pattern not available here in my etsy shop :)

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  1. I love how accidents over reveal the way to do things you've been pulling hair over! Your little ghost is very cute, can't wait to see how the witch and devil turn out.
    And yay! RHINO! :D